Speech Therapists’/Speech Pathologists’ Views

One of the best aspects of the workshop for me was the opportunity to learn more about a different framework for voice assessment – a framework for voice assessment that extended the traditional approaches beyond the usual laryngeal features of voice. That will be invaluable in my own practice and for educating speech pathology students in the voice field. Dr Jenni Oates, Associate Professor  La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. Co-creator of the Oates Russell Voice Profile, research specialist and international expert on perceptual voice analysis

My staff who have taken up voice therapy work in more recent times have been finding the VSPP of immense benefit in both assessment and in clarifying and creating informed and therefore joint clinical treatment planning with clients…Thank you very much for writing and teaching in such accessible and confidence boosting ways. Gill Nance, SLT Service Manager, Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust and Principal SLT working with voice disorders

The VSPP has given me a great framework for work with my clients. The course has given me fantastic practical ideas and tips and confidence to further explore my own voice and develop my working. Course participant

I took your Voice Skills Perceptual Profile to a workshop for 25 country therapists and they loved it! I got them to do it on themselves in pairs and they were most impressed with it and the way it helped them to think about different ways of going about therapy. It felt great to teach – even though I am new to it – but I think it confirmed for me and my conversations, that we will incorporate it into the undergrad and masters program for next year. Jan Baker: Australian speech pathologist, voice specialist and family therapist

I like the way it gives structure to my assessment, and more importantly my treatment planning. The structure of this tool facilitated my process of working out which areas needed to be addressed, in what order and why. It really prompts the voice practitioner to assess specific areas and then draw this information together within a holistic framework. Speech and Language Therapist

Voice Teachers’ Views

Since I’ve been using the VSPP my work with private clients has improved ten-fold. Working through the protocol gives the client a sense that they are being heard and listened to. It has also given me an objective way to work through all the things that make up a voice. As you know it is never just one thing when some one approaches you with a voice problem and it is the little things that can tip the balance. Suzanne Park, voice teacher

…re the structured profiling, I believe this is going to be a tremendous asset to me professionally. My fear with using voice work in a business context is the ‘luvviness’ of it all. Having this simple structured framework – a tangible that I can share with my clients – will release some of their anxiety and create a more ‘equal’ platform for identifying issues and solutions to them .  Voice coach in the business world

It encourages you to commit to a judgment because the qualitative and quantitative sections encourage more reflection and analysis. It’s so user friendly; the headings/parameters are clear and observe the basic progressions, and the qualitative and quantitative sections complement each other well. It could be used by voice teachers and speech and language therapists with equal success. Voice Teacher

As everything is interconnected, all 8 headings are relevant, and as a general assessment, these allow for a consideration of issues that might not have occurred it me or to the client. Voice Teacher

I am now using it with clients, and I like that they themselves can get insights through the process… I feel I am continuing my training through the VSPP – it’s like a virtual support system. Voice Teacher

It really enhances my listening to the student’s speaking voice and makes me think in so much more specific detail about what’s contributing to their singing sound. Singing Teacher

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