Christina has been a pioneer in developing courses which integrate the three different voice practitioner professions – speech therapy/pathology,voice coaching and singing teaching . Participants can share their own knowledge and experience, as well as exploring their own voices; feedback about course content, Christina’s teaching style and value to professional life is always excellent.

She also runs courses for other professional groups, including teachers and those working in the counselling/therapeutic professions, and any group interested in extending their expertise public speaking, presenting and communication skills.

Christina does not herself organise public teaching, but responds to requests from a range of people to deliver courses; these are always tailor made to the needs and vision of the organisers.


The range of courses that Christina runs – and the audiences to whom she speaks –  is very varied. Core themes include:

  • Voice analysis and practical work for clients
  • Experiential voice work for voice practitioners
  • Basic counselling skills
  • Practical voice therapy techniques
  • Mending the singing voice
  • Public speaking with power, energy and presence
  • Voice protection and development in teaching
  • Effective communication in business
  • Communication and leadership
  • Emotion, body and psyche – for counsellors and psychotherapists
  • Imagination and its effect on brain, body and voice

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