Broadcasting and voice over work is an expanding area for Christina.  The first professional engagement for Christina’s own voice came when she was asked to record auditory warnings for use in RAF helicopters, a fascinating project which involved both studio and vibrating helicopter activity! Since then she has contributed to numerous radio programmes, including a trilogy of programmes about the voice, made by Sarah Dunant for the World Service. From this, Christina’s description of Margaret Thatcher’s voice was chosen as a Pick of the Week extract. More recently she was interviewed by Stephen Fry, and was voice specialist on an hour long radio programme about women broadcasters.
The focus of Christina’s voice over work is in the area of documentaries and health related film material. Specifically for VOX Coaching, she has recorded a number of short filmed talks on presentation related topics; these can be found on YouTube.


Voice Overs

  • 2009 Voice Over on DVD for Lynne Booth, internationally known reflexologist and writer.  DVD: Vertical Reflexology For Hands And Feet
  • 2012 Voice Over on ‘THE LOST WORLD’a film directed by Ben Macdonald.  An Ibex Earth production covering the natural history of Mount Roraima in Venezuela, and the discovery of new species found on an RGS expedition there in 2011.

Short talks for VOX COACHING