Voice Work by Christina Shewell

Christina Shewell (Wiley-Blackwell 2009)

Voice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices is the first book to fully address the theoretical and practical aspects common to the  vocal work of the three major voice practitioner professions – spoken voice training, singing teaching and speech and language therapy/pathology. Extensively researched and referenced, it fully describes the physical foundations of voice, and provides a wealth of client stories and personal examples, with 177 pages of practical techniques and exercises to enhance both clinical skills and voice training techniques.Its accessible style has been widely praised and the book has received  unanimously excellent reviews from around the world. It is increasingly used as a core text in speech pathology, drama and singing training.

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Speech Therapy/Pathology

The text explores with consistency the uniqueness of the multidisciplinary voice world… There is no similar publication in our field… This is a must-have publication for all health, educational and arts professionals working with individuals who want to improve or rehabilitate their voices.   Mara Behlau, Director Centro do Estudos da Voz (CEV Centre for Voice Studies) Sao Paulo Brazil

I want to congratulate you on your spectacular text. I have recommended it to all of my voice colleagues here at our Voice Center. It is a real gem, you have successfully combined both the art and the science of voice care/training. I particularly enjoyed how you were so effectively able to weave the case vignettes into the discussion. It works beautifully. Nelson Roy Ph.D., CCC-SLP Associate Professor Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders The University of Utah

This book is a deep exploration of what it is to work with voices and how to use that which is offered by science, clinical research and evidence, as well as our imagination and empathy. Annabel Bosanquet, Bulletin of Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

Theatre Voice Coaching

Targeted at the professionals who work in the many dimensions of voice as coaches, therapists and singing teachers this book aims to bring together the wide-ranging perspective from each and integrate them into a whole. Scholarly but accessible, it is a thorough compendium of current perspectives. Rich material for the experienced as well as the novice. Voice: Onstage and Off Robert Barton, Rocco Dal Vera, 2nd edition. Routledge 2011

This a superb book that all voice practitioners should read. Lesley Hendy, Voice Care Network UK

Singing Teaching 

I whole-heartedly recommend that you invest in this book, as I am sure that you will find it an essential reference book and an inspiration for years to come. Sue Anderson, Journal of the Association of Teachers of Singing UK

For voice teachers and practitioners looking for an essential book to add to their collection of vocal reference books, this is the perfect choice.  I found the common sense suggestions in working  with voices, along with the many photographs absolutely exciting.  Shawna Gottfredson, Classical Singer, United States

..the work that has gone into it is impressive, and encapsulates everything that she is as a person…full of humanity and integrity, hugely experienced, nurturing, joyous, enormously generous. Pam Parry, British Voice Association

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Book Launch 2009: Dawn French, CS, Lesley Mathieson and Patsy Rodenburg OBE