Christina’s interest in the skills and problems of communication is grounded in a lifelong love of poetry and theatre, her long exploration of clinical speech therapy and pathology, linguistics and neuroscience, alongside her experiences in bodywork, meditation and psychotherapy. In the 1970s she worked mainly with those who have lost language through stroke, disease or brain injury, developing knowledge about the way brain and body work. At the same time her lectureship in linguistics, personal Jungian psychotherapy and counselling training gave her an interest in the power of words and voice to camouflage or release feeling, or affect others.

A parallel move into voice development and theatre work in the 1980s, and experience of the Alexander technique, Roy Hart Theatre work and Marion Woodman’s body-psyche ideas brought further appreciation of the body and its connection to voice. Those aspects have been integrated into her work in the  business world, theatre, further education and clinical settings. Current teaching, conference talks and practical workshops include insights from the fields of mindfulness, emotional therapy, neuroscience, poetry and active imagination. These are described in her book,Voice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices, written for anyone who works along the continuum of voice healing to voice extension.

The influence of others

Science celebrates the edge of knowledge.  Professor Brian Cox, scientist

Is voice therapy an art or a science? My resounding answer is YES. It has to be both.  Janina Casper,  speech pathologist 

Technique is a language that makes strain impossible.  Martha Graham, dancer

The mistake has been the banishment of words from the body. Kristin Linklater, voice teacher and writer

Biography can become biology.  Caroline Myss, writer

The image is energy – that is why it behoves us to paint, dance, sing, and write – to create.  Carl Gustav Jung

What’s important is not just to be in the know, but to be in the mystery.  Marion Woodman, analytical psychologist

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