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Christina Shewell, MA, FRCSLT ADVS is spoken voice teacher, and speech/ language therapist with long experience in voice work with a wide range of clients, in both voice therapy and voice development.  She has particular expertise in working with performers, and other professional voice users. She has been a senior lecturer in voice and counseling skills at University College London, staff member at two major British acting schools and has worked in voice therapy both privately and in the NHS. She has also coached extensively in the business world, spoken at many conferences and now leads a wide range of training courses, both nationally and internationally.

Her book Voice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices (2009) addresses voice work along the continuum of normal-abnormal voice, in singing, spoken voice coaching and voice pathology, and is a core text for a wide range of voice practitioners. She has a particular interest in the relevance of mindfulness and imagery in voice work and well-being, and in the links between voice, neuroscience, body and emotions. Her most recent article, Poetry, Voice, Brain and Body will shortly be published in the Voice and Speech Review - the respected journal of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA).

You can email Christina below, but please note, time and energy limitations mean that she does not give advice about particular client cases, nor provide long responses to questions.