Christina Shewell MA, FRCSLT, ADVSChristina Shewell MA, FRCSLT, ADVS

Christina Shewell is an internationally recognised expert in the spoken and singing voice. As highly specialist speech and language therapist/pathologist in voice therapy, theatre voice teacher, and communication skills coach, she has many years of experience in both work with clients, and ‘teaching the teachers’.

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Voice Work by Christina ShewellVoice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices

 Christina’s book, ‘Voice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices’ (2009), uniquely addresses voice analysis and practical voice work along the whole continuum of normal and abnormal voice for singing, spoken voice coaching and voice pathology. Written in a scholarly but accessible style, it has received unanimously excellent reviews, both nationally and internationally.

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“Christina is an excellent public speaker. She’s hugely knowledgeable about the voice but also entertaining; instead of lecturing she demonstrates, and with wit, so that while you’re laughing you’ve been learning about how we use and misuse our voices. Both in her book and in person she shows a real sensitivity to the anxieties and psychological blockages that so often get expressed through the voice.”
Anne Karpf, journalist, broadcaster and author of ‘The Human Voice’
“Christina provided a wonderfully holistic treatment where all aspects of the self were taken into account. I felt very supported after a scary loss of voice and identity. She helped me to move forward rebuilding both. I can’t praise her work and approach enough.”
 Voice therapy patient
Voice Work Art and Science in Changing Voices ….is a must-have publication for all health, educational and arts professionals working with individuals who want to improve or rehabilitate their voices.”
 Mara Behlau, Director Centre for Voice Studies, Sao Paulo Brazil
Christina was a fabulous coach and I really enjoyed working with her.”
VOX coaching client